Donate Money-Now Directly To Help Musicians-Blue Silk Band

We play for weddings especially as well as parties and fundraisers but we also play for poor couples that want to get married but have little to no income.Your gift-donation will go a long way to help when we have to cut costs to perform to help them pull off their wedding with entertainment for the reception.We are asking for your help.Please give now.
We are the Blue Silk band and we have been hit really hard like many other musicians and entertainers because of the covid-19 pandemic so we are very much in need of your support as we also have families and children to support.Any donation that you make is very much appreciated and we sincerely thank you for your generosity in this awful time.We sincerely thank you for your gift to help us in relief from covid-19 pandemic.Please donate now by clicking the "pay button".
You are wonderful and you are always in our hearts and we promise we will never forget you!!~Blue Silk Band

Here are music download/purchase links.We appreciate you downloading our music if that's all you have to give.We understand and thank you very much!~Love you!!!
If I Could (I'd Sprinkle Diamonds At Your Feet)
Listen to If I Could

The Kiss
Listen to The Kiss

My Romeo
Listen to My Romeo

For Lovers Only
Listen to For Lovers Only

You And Me (Now That's A Rock Show)
Listen to You And Me

Donate To Covid Relief We can be reached on our site at
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